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  • ASCEND modelling environment  v.0.9.8ASCEND is a modelling environment and solver for large or small systems of non-linear equations, for use in engineering, thermodynamics, chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. Solvers for both steady and dynamic (NLA & DAE) problems, are ...
  • LibSmoothLine  v.1.2A Library to calculate smooth lines in 2D and 3D. Given some polyline, a finer segmented polyline is generated. The smoothed line may hit the original points or its length may be equal to the original length. Linear equations solvers are also ...
  • Quad Genius Pro  v.1.0Quad Genius Pro is an interactive java-based graphical software designed by me at IIT Guwahati for school students of classes sixth to ninth to help them solve quadratic and linear equations and learn through the ...
  • Distributed Inference  v.1.0A framework for solving large systems of linear equations (Ax=b) in a distributed network using different iterative methods. The solver is written on Java, can be run on Windows or Linux. The solver is compatible with either MPICH2 or mpj-express.
  • Qt matrix library  v.1.0A Qt-based implementation of matrix algorithms for solving linear equations. Includes common matrix operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, scaling, and more.
  • Kalkulator  v.2.41Advanced Sci/Eng calculator. Expression evaluation, 18 digits precision, variables, >100 functions, graphs, unit conversion, interpolation, polynomial regression, linear algebra, systems of linear, nonlinear and differential equations, optimization.
  • Regression Analysis - CurveFitter  v.4.5.8CurveFitter program performs statistical regression analysis to estimate the values of parameters for linear, multivariate, polynomial, exponential and nonlinear functions.
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